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5 Reasons to look for a new job

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Our parents and grandparents may have stayed in the same job their whole life. But gone are the days when an employee would stay with the same job until they retire. Employers are always looking for the best staff. So shouldn't you be looking for the best job?

There are many reasons to look for a new job, some more positive or negative than others. There is no harm in looking. After all you never know what opportunities or misfortunes await you.

Hate going back to work

Do you cringe at the thought of going back to work every Monday, or make up excuses for why you can't go in today? Then you may be in the wrong job. Staying in a job you hate is only going to build frustration and continue to make you unhappy.

The reason you hate going back to work may be caused by the actions of the employer or other employees, the general atmosphere in the workplace, your workload, or the direction and practises of the company. If the reason why you're unhappy can't be resolved, then it may be time to find another company that's more in line with your values.

It's important not to bad mouth the company, or your previous boss and co-workers when applying for a new job. It makes you look bad, and you never know when you may have to work with those people again.

Lack of challenge or passion

It is all well and good to do the job that you've always been doing. There is comfort in the familiar. But is the work you're doing challenging your abilities, are you still passionate about it, or do you find yourself bored at the end of the day. If the job you're doing now doesn't evolve over time or present you with new challenges or opportunities for learning. Then it may be time to look elsewhere.

Wanting more from your job

There is only so much a job can offer you. There several things that people want from a job. Money, security, location, and opportunity. If you're looking to improve one of the following aspects of employment then it's time to start looking at what's out there.

Money is obviously an important part of a job. If you feel you're not being paid what your skills, experience, and knowledge are worth. It can feel like you're being taken advantage of. Keep in mind that more money doesn't necessarily mean a better position. You current job may pay less, but also have benefits the other position lacks. Weigh all the benefits of your current job before leaving because of money.

Job security is important because while we may want a better position, we don't want to lose the one we currently have. A job with good job security takes pressure away from that constant worry of being laid off unexpectedly.

A jobs location has different levels of importance to different people. Some are willing to travel further if it means they get the job they want. Others would prefer the additional free time that comes with a shorter commute to work. It's up to you to decide what balance you're looking for.

Most people aren't content to sit in a job forever without new opportunities. Whether it's the chance to learn a new skill, gain new knowledge and experience, or advance through the company and gain new responsibilities. People want to see that their job is going somewhere, not becoming a dead end.

Change of job or career

Sometime you've got all you can out of your industry and it's time for a change. There may be nothing wrong with your job; it's exactly what you always wanted to do. At least it used to be. It's not uncommon for people to want a change of career. A new career brings new skills and challenges that may not have been available to you in your previous job.

However a change of career is not something you do hastily. It can be a major disruption that usually involves years of education or training to give you the skills and knowledge required for this new line of work. Keep this in mind when planning to change career.

Whatever reason you have for leaving your current job make sure you have considered all the consequences. It can be a bit of a shake up to your life so you need to be prepared.

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